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Programme for Integrity, Independence and Accountability in Judiciary


Project summary

The situation around the prosecutor's office is most excessive, we are entering a crucial phase of what

form will the new law on public prosecution,

Whether to include a guarantee of independent, unbiased and responsible position while the

prosecutor. In the past, we have witnessed the fact that sophisticated corruption was not investigated

at all, or the investigation came to nothing. Prosecutors need a new law on the prosecution to be less

dependent on political power and thus more capable of dealing with cases of serious corruption and

organized crime.


Our goal is quality Prosecution Act, which will contain:

Defining the conditions for intervening in specific things (rules for granting and refusing


Creation of a specialized unit to fight corruption and serious economic crime

Clear personnel policies, which include the definition of the rules for filling positions of senior

prosecutors (including the Supreme Public Prosecutor) at a predetermined term and establish

rules for their dismissal during the tenure

Legislative developments surrounding the Act on the State Attorney's Office will continue to

monitor closely.


Title of the project

Court Monitoring Report

Scale of the project


Project webpage %20ENG.pdf

Project summary

Project summary:

This is TI Georgia’s second report on administrative court hearings. This report

includes court monitoring data from administrative proceedings in the first instance courts in Tbilisi,

Batumi, Gori, Telavi and Khelvachauri. A total of 282 hearings in 142 cases were observed.

Observations from hearings in cases that commanded high public interest are discussed separately

from the more routine cases monitored by TI Georgia.