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Page Background

Programme for Integrity, Independence and Accountability in Judiciary


We “translating” findings

that can at first appear technical and complicated –

making them


to the public and a wider range of stakeholders.

We mobilize civil society organizations

such as TI in representing their society’s interest by both act-

ing as a watchdog and engaging as a ‘critical friend’.

We provide citizens

with the adequate channels to hold the judiciary accountable for delivering jus-

tice and for sanctioning the corrupt.

Timeline and results

August 2015: Launch of the Enhancing Judiciary’s Ability Corruption – a practical guide:


4th September 2015: participation to the Expert Meeting on Promoting Intergity in the Criminal

Justice Chain organized by UNDP in Putrajaya Malaysia, and contributing to the report

A Trans-

parent and Accountable Judiciary to Deliver Justice for All:



1st October 2015: participation to the Norway Grants Expert seminar, Norwegian Courts

Administration, October 1st 2015

14 and 15 December 2015:

2015 Geneva Forum of Judges and Lawyers

, organized by the Inter-

national Commission of Jurists: judges-lawyers/

19-20 April 2016: participation to the Fighting the Hidden Tariff: Global Trade Without Corruption -

New Horizons in Anti-Corruption:

A Policy Symposium in preparation for the London 2016 Anti-

Corruption Summit

20 April 2016: Meeting of the

OGP Anti-Corruption Working Group



May 2016: review of the

Judicial systems and Corruption

– a Typologies Report of the International

Bar Association Judicial Integrity Initiative and Basel Institute on Governance:


12-13 July 2016: participation to the Consultative Workshop Civil

Society’s Role in Strengthening

Judicial Independence and Accountability,

organized by OSCE in Tbilisi; report to be launched