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Programme for Integrity, Independence and Accountability in Judiciary

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Title of the project

Enhancing the effectivness and independent of the judiciary authority

Scale of the project


Project webpage

Project summary

This program is aimed at advocating and consolidating the values of integrity, transparency and

accountability in the Palestinian public labor sectors in order to build a national culture of

anti-corruption and a system for national integrity.

The project is based on AMAN’s conviction of the importance of judicial independence, which is

guaranteed by article 97 in the Basic Law as well as articles 75 and 76 which define the relationship

between the executive and judicial authorities.

Objectives: Consolidate the principles of the rule of law and judicial independence in accordance with

articles 97 and 98 of the Palestinian Basic Law.

On 5 May 2010, AMAN held a workshop for 4th year university (senior) law students at the An-Najah

University. The workshop was attended by 22 students and dealt with the code of conduct-blog related

to the judiciary, and legislation and mechanisms of combating corruption. The students and the

university administration lauded the role of the AMAN coalition in raising the awareness of the

Palestinian public about the importance of getting involved in combating corruption, cooperating with

civil and academic organizations and joining efforts in order to reach the goal of a society without


Title of the project

Enhancing Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in the Palestinian Society

Scale of the project


Project webpage

Project summary

Based on findings of many of AMAN’s research and assessment studies and opinion polls conducted

related to corruption in Palestine, as well as the dynamic external and internal environments, the

needs of all stakeholders, lessons learnt and challenges present,