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Integrity, Independence and Accountability of the Judiciary – Centre of Expertise Programme



Throughout its history, TI has recognised that corruption is undermining justice in many parts of the

world. The impact that a corrupt judiciary and impunity for corruption can have on society can be


Many TI Chapters across the TI Movement have gained significant experience in working on and with

the judiciary, advocating for robust judicial systems that have the capacity and the will to administer

justice fairly and equally to all and to penalise corruption in all its forms. However, corruption

continues to distort judicial processes in many countries, and effective interpretation and application

of anti-corruption laws and standards is often still lacking. As a result, public trust in the sector

remains low. Effective engagement of a diverse spectrum of actors, at both the national and

international level, has become ever more critical to create tangible change in this highly complex


TI Strategy 2015 recognises the critical importance of more effective application of laws and

standards around the world, and reduced impunity for corrupt acts, as a global strategic priority for the

TI Movement. In this context, the ‘No Impunity’ initiative provides a critical and timely opportunity for

TI Chapters to come together in a thematic network that can harness their collective knowledge,

create new perspectives and thereby transform TI’s work on the judiciary for greater anti-corruption


This Programme document outlines the rationale, intervention logic, implementation and management

arrangements of the proposed Centre of Expertise Programme, led by TI Romania – a TI Chapter

with relevant issue expertise and proven commitment to putting itself at the service of the global TI

Movement in this critical area of work.