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Page Background

Integrity, Independence and Accountability of the Judiciary – Centre of Expertise Programme


Phase II – Country Pilots and Global Report: 18 – 24 months

Component I:

Global Knowledge and Policy Work

Component II:

Country Projects

Component III:

Training Services

Existing partnerships and opportunities for media

engagement are further developed.

The knowledge help-desk function of the Centre is

responding to an increasing number of enquiries from

within and outside the TI Movement.

A ‘Global Judicial Independence Measure’ (JIM)

methodology is developed and launched by the TI

Secretariat (with TI Romania support).

A global coalition starts being formed to collectively

advocate for judicial reforms. Monitoring and evaluation

of global activities commences.

A global fundraising plan for future Programme

expansion is developed and starts to be implemented.

Communication and coordination with pilot TI Chapters

and other interested TI Chapters is ongoing.

Existing tools are adapted for implementation by other

interested TI Chapters.

An interim evaluation of global knowledge and policy

work is implemented to inform future implementation

(and potential expansion) of the Programme.

Pilot country project interventions are

conducted and pilot TI Chapters scale up their

outreach and initiate advocacy (with strong

focus on people and other stakeholder


Pilot TI Chapters start contributing to collective

and international advocacy.

Fundraising strategies are developed by each

pilot TI Chapter to complement global

fundraising efforts and ensure the sustainability

of their work.

An interim evaluation of national level work is

implemented to inform future direction of

national level aspects of the Programme and to

inform the refinement of existing tools.

A second group of TI Chapters engages in

knowledge-based advocacy campaigns at the

national level. Additional TI Chapters and other

organisations are invited to join the


New multi-country projects involving additional

TI Chapters and focusing on specific themes

identified as particularly relevant in phase I are

developed for future implementation.

Provision of training services and/or

technical assistance is piloted.

Competent judicial experts and trainers

are identified in each region in

consultation with national TI Chapters.

An evaluation of training services is

implemented to guide future direction.