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Judicial Impunity Score Card


This new and innovative scorecard methodology focusses on assessing potential risks caused by judicial gaps and loopholes that could lead to impunity in all six stages (detection, merit test, investigation, prosecution, adjudication and sanctioning) of the case management process. It uses an “in-out” methodology, and helps identify practical reform proposals that can be developed and implemented based on these assessments.


Scorecards will provide a set of indicators that different judicial professionals and other stakeholders (potentially including users of the judiciary, identified e.g. through ALAC) can use to evaluate the compliance of the national judiciary with the due process standards and to jointly develop recommendations to address and close systemic loopholes. The designed methodology will also allow for comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each stage, between countries.


Dedicated software will be used to gather and analyze relevant data regarding impunity causes collected through a series of instruments, such as desk research on the legal framework, questionnaires, and focus groups for the actual judicial practice during each of the phases of a case management process as well as for validation of the results.









The Centre of Expertise Programme aims at strengthening the TI Movement’s advocacy capacity on the integrity, independence and accountability of the judiciary. Its focus is on strengthening the integrity, independence and accountability of the judiciary as a key prerequisite for reducing impunity for corruption.


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