Diagnose Tools: Judicial Core Vulnerabilities Matrix

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Judicial Core Vulnerabilities Matrix


This tool is being developed to assess contextual issues that determine to what extent a national judiciary is able to function effectively and to identify the core vulnerabilities that impact the way in which corruption cases are handled. The matrix builds on the NIS paradigm, utilises a dichotomy analysis system, which seeks to observe if an appropriate legal framework exists, if it is enforced, and whether divergences between the law and the practice exist.


Information will be collected through desk research and review of existing legal norms and procedures, but also through court statistics on corruption cases. Interviews and focus groups will be applied, engaging separately both practitioners from within the system and judicial stakeholders. This multi-stakeholder approach will turn the tool into a powerful instrument to build social pressure and real commitment towards needed changes to stop impunity.




The Centre of Expertise Programme aims at strengthening the TI Movement’s advocacy capacity on the integrity, independence and accountability of the judiciary. Its focus is on strengthening the integrity, independence and accountability of the judiciary as a key prerequisite for reducing impunity for corruption.


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