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Global Judicial Independence Index


The tool will assess the current compliance of the judiciary with the principles and minimum standards for judicial conduct, exposing those areas where the lack of compliance can affect the up-hold of individual rights and the sanctioning of corruption.

The areas where core vulnerabilities can negatively affect the functioning of the judiciary will be scored to determine in which of the clusters a judicial system can be included in:


Cluster I: No rule of law

Low political will and high performance


Cluster II: Adopted but not enforced rule of law standards

Medium political will and interference


Cluster III: Good enforcement of rule of law standards

High political will and low interference




The Centre of Expertise Programme aims at strengthening the TI Movement’s advocacy capacity on the integrity, independence and accountability of the judiciary. Its focus is on strengthening the integrity, independence and accountability of the judiciary as a key prerequisite for reducing impunity for corruption.


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